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Donate to SHEnanigans

Fall Foliage

What is SHEnanigans?

Donate to our fundraiser to put our Eboard through difficult challenges! For every $100 dollars raised, a challenge will be required of us. Read below for more information!

Tier 1 - Whipped Cream Pie Mayham!
All donors will get the opportunity to make a whipped cream pie, and pie any member of their choice!

Tier 2 - Hot Ones Challenge!
Watch our board members test their limits with the hot ones challenge! Things are going to get spicy!

Tier 3 - Three Sense
Pick 3 board members to work alongside each other to create the best version of a cake without hearing, speaking, or seeing!

Tier 4 - Icy Plunge!
Oh the weather outside is frightful, but these ice buckets are so delightful!

Tier 5 - Matteo vs. Manny
Let's settle this once and for all: Which VP is better than the other? Catch the VPs in a blindfolded sumo wrestling match to declare a victor!

Tier 6 - The Disgusting Drink!
Our lovely SHE community will be able to come together and vote on some ingredients to create our newest concoction, the Disgusting Drink!

Tier 7 - 24 Hour Handcuff!
Two Board Members will be handcuffed together for an entire day! What could ever go wrong with this idea?

Tier 8 - Shock Roulette!
A fun game of Shock Ball that will surely electrify the board's spirits!

Tier 9 - The President Test!
Does the President know her board truly well? It's finally her turn to go through a special challenge made for her!

Tier 10 - SHE Suggests!
This semester, we want to hear what you guys think our Tier 10 challenge should be! A form will open up on our IG page, and you can suggest what punishments you think we should go through!

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