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SHE-SWE-MEET Career Fair

The SHE-SWE-MEET Career Fair is an important experience for all our members. 

Our members are given the 
opportunity to talk to several recruiters from different companies. This is a great way to build professional experience and potentially earn an offer!

For those interested, the SHE-SWE-MEET Career Fair is only during the fall semester

National Convention

Our National Convention is once every year and is another huge opportunity for our members.

Similar to the Career Fair, the National Convention is a great way to earn your first offer. The convention includes hundreds of different companies, which increases your chances of potentially getting an offer!  

For those interested, our National Convention is only in November. We'll have more details on that during the fall semester.

Scholarship Opportunities 

Our Academic Chair keeps our members updated with scholarship opportunities.
We strongly encourage all our members, especially those with a financial struggle to take advantage of these scholarships.

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